User Story Mapping Backlog

A common question that I face when introducing agility in an organization is the question of how to create the product backlog. Indeed, a client of mine looked in dismay at the scrum flow diagram and asked the musical question, “I get that. But where does the backlog come from?”

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Agile Estimation Primer

A step-by-step guide to understanding how to apply the concept of relative sizing to estimation, and then using that understanding to build backlogs at various levels of detail – from high level product road maps, through release planning, and onward with increasing levels of precision all the way down to detailed iteration planning…

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Having a Ball – Introduction

There is a simulation I build into my Agile training curriculum. It is based on a very old game that has been used for ages. I’m not the inventor of the game, but I am a very strong adapter of it. Here I examine the core game followed by variations I have used…

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If I Had a Tractor – Introduction

Here the metaphor of lawn care serves as a gateway into a discussion of defining and estimating work in a manner similar to what new agile teams are first called upon to learn. We then build on those concepts to demonstrate the rationale for maintaining cross-functional teams. And finally how to budget for these activities.

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