As a teaching tool, I often draw upon analogies.  As a story teller, I delight in finding colorful ways to express concepts.  

Michael Marchi


As an amateur sailor, I have discovered great similarities between sailing and Agile.  These entries explore the limits of sailing as a metaphor for Agile adoption.

  • Sailing Metaphor for Agile
    When I was in high school, my friend Scott and I took his father’s sailboat out on the lake where our families spent summer vacation.  We had each been sailing numerous times; always as crew, never at the helm.  We both knew the lingo; “Come about” and “Pull that jib in tighter!”.  I had taken ...
  • Reading the Wind
    While vacationing this year, I took my ten-year-old daughter Julia sailing on SERENITY, our Catalina 14.2. It was a relatively light wind that day; decent for teaching, with a few gusts to make things occassionally exciting. Normally when I take people out on the boat, I handle the main and the tiller myself, talking them through ...
  • What Would You Do?
    The Sprint Retrospective had just ended and I was finishing up my notes from the session.  I looked up and found that Wayne and Garth (not their names) had hung back after everyone else left.  We started talking about the sprint, and that led to discussions of the project, and that led to questions of ...

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