Weaponized Scrum


Scrum provides a framework for managing agile development projects.  It encourages transparency at all times, which helps reinforce the cycle of trust that must exist between development teams, management and the customer.

Over the course of two years, our team had used Scrum to successfully deliver three revisions of our product with a degree of predictability that had been unattainable prior to adopting the agile method.

When the projected schedule of our next project didn’t align with the business needs of the organization, we found ourselves on the fast-track to conflict.  And we had given them all the ammunition they needed to turn our gesture of trust into a weapon of unimaginable destruction.


Weaponized Scrum

  1. Weaponized Scrum Part 1 – Introduction
  2. Weaponized Scrum Part 2 – Weaponizing
  3. Weaponized Scrum Part 3 – Countermeasures
  4. Weaponized Scrum Part 4 – Damage Assessment



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